Friday, April 27, 2018

Portal To Xenithor

Xenithor was first previewed back in February yet there has already been lots of exciting progress made. The name has changed to help distinguish it from other similar sounding titles and I've just been given seven brand new (WIP) piccies to share. Click each one to see a larger version but I must say that I love Michael's sense of humour!!

Two engines have been programmed: one for flick-screen and another that scrolls. Optimisations are needed but he's simply testing the waters to see how the game feels regarding the limitations of STOS. Also, Michael is now the proud owner of an Atari STe and has begun toying with the idea of supporting the enhanced beast. Yippee!!

Update: Michael has created a new STOS Coders group with Francois Lionet. Sign up!!


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