Thursday, November 14, 2019

Atari Legend

I'm taking a quick break from my Super Pack adventure to share something very special. Well, it's only special because of the one reason ;-) but I'll let you guys decide what that is!! Atari Legend has a FANTASTIC YouTube channel ran by Maarten Martens. Oh, they also have a crummy website too, apparently!

Anyhow, it shocked me to discover that many of my ST friends didn't know about this amazing channel. I love Maarten's silly sense of humour which is equally matched by his video production skills. Everything always comes together incredibly well for great entertainment so I hope you will enjoy this video as much I have?

I shall now be heading back into the depths of my Atari Super Pack adventure... Wish me luck!!


  1. Glad you're featuring Maarten's channel. I recently discovered it and the videos are unique and entertaining.

    1. Thanks! I think his channel goes deep into a whole new direction compared to what we all expect. It's almost like watching the extras from your favourite DVD: funny, interesting and informative. Rather than just gameplay... He puts a lot of effort into these videos and it's paying off big time imho. Heck, I'm even in this video so I just had to share it ;-)