Friday, January 07, 2022

Droid - all of them!


I should have showcased this before Christmas but I never got a chance due to work commitments. So here it is now, the new Droid Definitive Collection which features all three Atari ST and Atari STe games in a spanky cool box. This is the latest from Bitmap Soft in collaboration with the mighty Atari Legend. (Maarten paid me to say that)

You might be thinking "three games?". Yes, both of the original Droid shooters plus the newly upgrade Atari STe Droid by Jame Hamshere - featuring smooth scrolling, better sounds and gameplay enhancements. This is the ultimate boxset for all fans and something I'm sure Miles Lord never dreamt possible back in the day?

This is a quality purchase, the box is strong and rich in both colour and content. Inside, is a manual, floppy disk, and poster that doubles as a huge map. Geeks rejoice for we have trinkets: stickers and a badge which I must remember to wear down the pub! Seriously, I hope we get more boxed Atari ST games soon. Well done to all involved.

Pop over to Bitmap Soft and treat yourself to the latest Atari ST game: Bitmap Soft web store.

But first, check out this video on YouTube which shows Droid running on both computers...

- Production Credits -

Miles Lord - Droid I & II (original game code and design)
Patrick Lord - Droid I & II (original graphics)
Jamie Hamshere - Droid Special Edition (Atari STe code & DMA audio)
John Blythe (cover illustration)
Darren Doyle (box & manual)

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