Friday, March 11, 2022

The Chaos Engine

Run. Shoot. Kill. Kill some more!

Hello and welcome to another slice of Atari ST history from my own collection and this time it's the Gauntlet shooter, The Chaos Engine by the Bitmap Brothers. For some reason, I didn't buy the game back in the day and I'm unsure why... Ah, I've remembered! I was probably too busy roaming the universe in Elite II to care about anything?

Anyhow, Chaos Engine incorporates a Victorian-era steampunk composition with several unique characters who each have their own traits. Quite often with games like this, I have a favourite character that I stick with throughout but not so with Chaos Engine as I tend to bounce between them all depending on how I feel.

Title: The Chaos Engine
Year Of Release: 1993
Developer: Bitmap Bros/Renegade
Programmers: Mike Montgomery, Steve Cargill
Design: Eric Matthews, Simon Knight
Graphics: Dan Malone
Sounds: Richard Joseph
Music: Farook Joi, Richard Joseph, Haroon Joi

D-Bug has a fantastic version that can run from a hard drive.
If you're wanting the floppy disks then visit Atari Mania.

Personally, I absolutely love this shooter and feel it's one of the best by the Bitmaps. However, I have also found that it's marmite to some who don't like its style, control system, or even the fact it's a ripoff Gauntletier. I find that baffling so why not click here to see what I thought of it a few years ago. (2015 actually - how time flies!!)

How do you gentlemen feel about this marvellous creation by the legendary Bitmap Bros? A great shooter or a cheap Gauntlet ripoff? Let me know in the comments below. Until then, let's check out the box and its contents...

Now that's what I call a decent collection of screenshots rather than the usual one or two!
Here are the floppy disks. Now it's getting really interesting, eh!
The manual is really good. Although I've never read it until I went to take this snap!!
One day, I will post one of these cards...
I love this but, to me, it feels like an afterthought or the original design for the back of the box.
I've always thought that the computerised player two is an incredible feature.
The Bitmaps always went that extra mile. I only wish DMA samples were implemented.
Normally I keep everything safely within the box and in pristine condition. But, not this time...
...I couldn't help myself and the wife was pleased that I'm taking over a corner of the bedroom. Honest.


  1. "ST with 1MB or any STE?"

    I thought the game needed 1MB also on STE!

    1. No, I believe that was only the FM as the STe could be 520 model. Possibly something to do with the h/w scrolling being used? Not sure..

  2. I like your Resolution 101 poster! Cool game! I was not aware that Chaos Engine came out on the ST. I thought it was Amiga only. The Bitmaps always made great games, and especially awesome sound and music. Who can forget Bomb The Bass or Betty Boo Into The Waterfall.. Chaos Engine i only played on emulator, but its a great game. Before its time really. If we forget the simplicity of Gauntlet ofcourse ;-P

    Great article as always, Mr. Cypt. Love it.

    1. thank you kind sir! I'll send a slightly updated version of this picture to you via messenger... see if you can spot the latest addition (the wife hasn't!). Ignore the dust ha!

  3. One of those games you gotta have in the collection. And the collection of cards is so cool!

  4. I was a teenager when one of the bitmap brothers (can't remember which one...) went into a Paris/France video game store to dedicate this game. I was such a huge fan of the bitmap brothers that I of course went there and get my dedicated copy of the game. Great moment in my life :p
    Unfortunately, I've lost the game since then :(

    1. Wow! That's a great story, yet also so sad too.
      That's the kind of thing I would look back on myself - and wonder how/why I lost/sold certain things...