Saturday, March 05, 2022

Sealed for 32 years

Chronicles Of Omega

I've returned to browsing through eBay after a few years away and, lo and behold, I see a sealed copy of one of my favourite platformers, Chronicles Of Omega. Yes, one of my favourites I actually said that. Please note, I am not saying that it's one of the best platformers for the Atari ST/e but, in fact, one of my favourites.

For those new to this often unknown website, I first featured Chronicles Of Omega back in 2016 so you can read all about it by simply digging through our archives (loads of links on the righthand side) or by skipping straight to that page by clicking here. Go on, enjoy yourself!

I liked ARC but they didn't seem to last that long, so I reckon that I was dead lucky to find this still sealed. In fact, being sealed means I carefully sliced it open to breathe in some of that 20th-century air before inserting the disk and praying it still worked. Well, it does and I'm happy to say that I stand by my earlier thoughts about this platformer, it's one of my favourites albeit with clunky mechanics. Click the link above folks.

For those interested in other Atari ST games that I've purchased, click here to see lots more (all are from my own collection). Okay, let's check out the cover art of this platformer and also see what's inside the box...

I must admit, a part of me wanted to keep this sealed and safe from the insanity of the 21st century!
Is anyone else reminded of Thunder Jaws? No, I mean the game...
Wow, what incredible cover art!
A good storyline and cool Atari ST screenshots. Nicely done, Arc!
Inside the box and we have a poster. That the wife won't let me pin to the wall... :(
No guys ever read the manual? Well, it's tiny and enough even for us blokes to bother with.
Has anyone got a stamp?

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