Friday, March 24, 2023

Sword Of Kadash (part two)

Welcome all (who carry a pencil and paper)

I honestly didn't expect to be posting again so soon after the first article but, this is an enthralling adventure alright. Ignore how it looks and the player is rewarded with something rather unexpected and most enjoyable. Hang on, didn't you read the feature that I wrote? Sheesh, shame on you. Click that link above and I'll wait here until you come back.

Okay, you're back, so let's continue with part two of my progress within the fortress of pain. Yep, that's what I'm calling it for now. Don't get me wrong, this is just what I needed to dig my teeth into. It's everything I love; effortless gaming and fantastic freedom to roam. Plus there's usually something menacing to contend with amongst a myriad of silly traps!

In fact, traps are a big part of this game with most rooms having something to ruffle your feathers...

Hmm, the hairs standing on the back of your neck tell you this room is one giant trap.

Temptation is high, dare we grab the scroll and that powerful sword?

Another trap is triggered - eight beasts appear and arrows are hurtling towards you. RUN!!

Puzzling puzzles?

Many rooms have a basic puzzle element to them and, being of ultra-low intelligence, I like my puzzles uncomplicated! Well, good for me then because I've yet to stumble upon anything overly taxing on my old brain cells. In fact, the hardest part of the game is usually sussing out a route through a maze of irritatingly invisible walls.

Walls are oddly a big part of this game and the blue ones can be destroyed - which is sometimes a good idea. Especially to clear the way for a quick escape! But you may wish to be cautious and leave enough room just for yourself rather than the chasing monster? Be careful and think before making a move - don't let the puzzle trigger a separate trap!

Here are three rooms with typical "puzzles" that you will come across often...

This room is odd, there is an invisible wall surrounding the symbol. So how are you gonna collect that?

Why not fully blast away the blue walls before attempting to pass that sharp-looking object?

Another puzzling room with both a secret wall - and a trap. No spoilers but, step lively!

Psychic gamer?

Freedom to roam within such a whacky dungeon of horrors is proving silly yet ever so entertaining. However, it was not long into the first game I realised that I needed the power of prediction because of the dreaded cursed items. These are relatively plentiful but there's no way of knowing if an item is cursed or not beforehand. So, it's always a gamble!

Being cursed will affect your performance in terms of xp, armour and potential damage. This can be cured but only by collecting symbols or scrolls. These work a treat but there isn't nearly enough of them for the gamblers aimlessly wandering the dungeon hoping for the best. A good adventurer brings a sword, and he makes many notes.

Thankfully, it's not all blind faith because many rooms are exactly as they first appear...

I had my suspicions about this screen but all items come without the worry of a curse.

I hope you are carrying a strong weapon when entering this room? You'll need it!

It's party time down in the fortress so let's all get together and be merry. What a battle - use magic!

The CryptO'pinion?

Stumbling through the Sword Of Kadash after another week has proved itself fruitful. There are many crude, yet fascinating rooms to explore and my (albeit unfinished) map has opened it up somewhat. However, mapping might be good for my personal pleasure but it isn't essential. What is, is making notes and jotting down the location of cursed items as it's the only way to make progress in later attempts. Yes, you will replay it repeatedly to push yourself further each time.

That actually means hours of potential gameplay which, when you think about it, is massive value for money for anyone back in the mid-80s. However, do you have that free time today? Possibly not, so I hope my agonising and time-consuming mapping will soon be of use to y'all. Are there any players? Hmm, why not comment and let me know...

With that in mind, here is the updated version of my map with all the cursed items identified. (I've also noted decent weapons and any cruel traps/puzzles - but not everything as I didn't want too many spoilers). Remember, this image is a thumbnail so click it to download the high-res version. I hope you have enjoyed reading part two?

For now, relax and be contempt knowing that part three will soon be in the works...

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