Tuesday, April 05, 2016


As you may have read in my previous article, I purchased the NetUSBee which is a gorgeous slab of hardware available from Lotharek. Its ethernet socket offers the potential to connect to the outside work or even your own Mac/PC and Mariusz Buras has developed a program to do just that - uIP Tool.

This will transform your Atari ST into a file server without any technical configuration at all. Simply load it up and it will automatically assign itself an IP address. Enter that into Google Chrome on your Mac/PC to access the Atari ST and then you're free to begin transferring files. NetUSBee with uIP-tool is the perfect combo!

If your router is in a different room (via WiFi) then you might be thinking uIP-tool isn't compatible for your setup? Not so. My router is located downstairs so I bought myself a very short ethernet cable to physically connect the Apple Mac to my Atari STe.

To provide uIP-Tool with a working IP address I enabled the Mac's Internet Sharing and that was that. Sorry, I don't own Windows but I expect a similar function exists...

 1) load up System Preference (via the Apple menu)
 2) click on Internet Sharing (view me)
 3) choose WiFi in the dropdown menu & tick the ethernet box (view me)
 4) lastly, tick the box left of "Internet Sharing" to activate this service.
 5) now quit System Preferences.
 6) load up uIP-Tool on the Atari ST and note the IP it displays for you.
 7) enter this IP into your web browser to remotely access your Atari ST. Job done!

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