Saturday, April 23, 2016

Double Dragon 3 - Rosetta Stone

Today I wanted to feature an Atari ST game which would help celebrate St George's Day and I obviously figured something dragon related would be in order. I did try a few obvious titles but I wasn't in the mood for most and nothing really caught my eye. Then I remembered about Double Dragon 3. Come on, it has "dragon" in its title, good enough for me!

I've never been the biggest beat 'em up fan and I cannot remember the last time I played one but, I like Golden Axe, so I figured why not? Double Dragon 3 takes you on a trip around the world with the initial clash beginning on the streets of America. Here, you are instantly thrown into the thick of the action because these streets seem to be filled with thugs all intent on giving you a good hiding. There are lots of kicks and punches which can be acted out using cool animation with responsive controls. It's immediately obviously this game is designed for Hollywood-style action over any pseudo-realism and that's fine by me! The baddies are awesome and will often attack in packs so this makes for frantic, full-of-laughs, joystick-bashing gameplay. The action is very well balanced, without ever being overbearing and occasionally shops are available to offer you some cool power-ups, including weapons, and more.

I soon discovered a jumping / flying kick which is darn effective and rarely fails. However, repeating the same move soon proved boring so out came my joystick waggling skills to hopefully uncover other moves. It wasn't long before I found a spinning vertical kick so now I'm wondering just how many more are hidden and just waiting to be found. I feel I have much to learn and, even as a noob to the beat 'em up genre, I am genuinely shocked to find myself enjoying this game so much. Double Dragon 3 is a bucket load of fun and is also very entertaining with great graphics to boot. Okay, it's not perfect but its darn good fun and I just may have been transformed into a new beat 'em up fan!


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