Friday, April 15, 2016

Speed Buggy

Like many in the late 80s, Buggy Boy came free with our wise purchase and is a game I have such fond memories. Hop into your buggy, race through five courses littered with stupid hazards all in the name of grabbing flags and ultimately winning the race. Only a time limit hampers your performance so don't dawdle and get to that checkpoint.

Buggy Boy is predominantly geared towards fun and silly thrills rather than a technical realism and that's great by me. The graphics are so colourful and instantly inspire joy with their cutesy cartoon styles. Sound effects are a strange mix of beeps, from crude to excellent in quality yet all are instantly memorable and suit the game perfectly. Buggy Boy is a no-frills, arcade racer which doesn't take itself seriously at all - it's simple and extremely enjoyable.


 - Floppy disk images are available via Old Games Finder.
 - D-Bug has patched Buggy Boy to run off a hard drive and also has a great menu!
 - An adapted version 8BitChip supports faster computers and hard drive installation.

There are a million Buggy Boy videos on YouTube so I thought I'd make one a little different, just for a laugh!! D-Bug and 8BitChip have patched Buggy Boy to support faster speeds on faster Atari computers so this recording tries to emulate how it plays for me on my own 16MHz Mega STe. (the video is a pseudo Mega STe which I setup using Hatari emulator to help demonstrate the difference).