Saturday, March 28, 2015

Rainbow Islands

Today, I loaded up Rainbow Island on my Atari ST and I fondly remembered the time I saw it in our local computer shop. I was instantly hooked by those gorgeous colours and the fun effects, it looked so amazing! After paying lots of cash, I walked home as fast as my lanky legs could carry me! This is probably one of the most famous platformers for the Atari ST and there isn't anything new I could tell you. Waste no more time, play Rainbow Islands!


 - 8BitChip has a download which can be installed onto hard drive!
 - Old Games Finder has all the floppy disk images.
 - Fancy a few cheat codes? Of course, you do so type all these on the title screen:
           -> BLRBJSBJ for fast feet.
           -> RJSBJSBR for double rainbows!
           -> SSSLLRRS for super fast rainbows.
           -> BJBJBJRS for the first hint.
           -> LJKSKBLS for the second hint.
           -> LBSJRRWL continues each round.
           -> SJBLRJSR will slow down the baddies.
           -> For infinite lives: choose three credits and hold down the QWERTY keys and press joystick fire.

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