Sunday, March 29, 2015


If I had a list of ST games which define my early years in the new 16-bit world, then Starglider is definitely one of them! This game rewrote the book on 3D shooters for a whole new generation because of the incredibly fast and smooth engine, which really was unlike anything else at the time. However, I wanted to show you a different side to Starglider, because it's one of the few games which supports high resolution - 640x400.

I do love the humble wireframe graphics which still look great and the sound effects are crisp and arcade-like. The mouse controls are just spot-on perfect, that combination of using both mouse buttons to fire and move is extraordinarily efficient. Yes, this is still still a jaw dropper and plays every bit as good as I remember, it's a timeless beauty. Starglider is indeed a wonderful game, in either colour or mono, and one which everyone will enjoy.
I bet you're now thinking of the opening song? It will be rattling around inside your head all day now!! Staaaaaaaarrrrrrgliiiiiderrrrrrr from Rainnnnnnbirrrrrrd (insert echo effect). Pure genius!

 - Download Starglider from 8BitChip for hard drive installation (works in both Low & High resolutions)
 - Stonish has Starglider on a floppy disk Menu CD by The Fallen Angels #19.
 - I also recorded a Starglider video for y'all to drool over! Okay, less drool and more laughing...

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