Sunday, March 29, 2015


If there was a game that helps define those early Atari ST years, many would shout out Starglider because it was (and still is) a jaw dropper! I even remember my Amiga friend begrudgingly admitting that the Atari ST version was better and faster!

Who, whilst reading this cannot help but to have that opening song rattling around inside their head? Staaaaaaaarrrrrrgliiiiiderrrrrrr!! From Rainnnnnnbirrrrrrd (insert echo effect now!) Pure #awesomeness

What's there to say about this amazing 3D shooter that's not already said a zillion times already? I do love the humble wireframe graphics which still look great and the sound effects are perfect and memorable of happy days. The mouse controls are just spot-on perfect and help create a shoot 'em up with timeless and excellent gameplay. However, I wanted to show you a different side to Starglider because it's one of the few games which supports high resolution. Starglider is indeed a wonderful game, in either colour or mono, and one which everyone will adore!


 - Download Starglider from Peter Petari - this supports hard drive installation!
 - I also recorded a Starglider video for y'all to drool over!