Sunday, March 29, 2015


Unplug the TV!

If I had to name a number of Atari ST games that defined the 80s then Starglider would be right up there with the best of 'em. This is a 3D shooter that somehow appeared from nowhere and totally rewrote the book on how a game like this should be. A whole new generation of gamers got to witness this transition from what we previously saw at home compared to the arcades - and everything looked so cool and performed fast and smoothly.

Today, I wanted to show you a different side to Starglider as it's something that's not known to many, oddly enough. It supports the ST's crisp Hi-Resolution mode which means a loss of colour and an increase in definition thanks to the 640x400 display. Everything else is exactly the same of course and that means the gameplay remains as is.

I've always loved Starglider as it's a perfect blend of action and strategy. The mouse controls are spot-on and the combination of using both buttons to fire/move is extraordinarily efficient. Sound effects are superb and feel somewhat arcade in their style to me. However, it's the opening music that many remember the most. What can I say? Staaaaaaaarrrrrrgliiiiiderrrrrrr from Rainnnnnnbirrrrrrd (insert echo effect). Pure genius.

Yes, this is still a jaw-dropping shooter and plays every bit as good as I remember. A timeless beauty whether you're playing in low or high-resolution so grab yourself either the floppy or hard disk versions right now.

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