Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lights, Camera, Action!

ST Video Player is one of those programs that will drop your mouth wide-open with amazement. You just won't believe that your humble 512kb 8Mhz Atari STE (with a hard drive) can produce such amazing high-colour movies.

This piece of magic was written by Cyg of BlaBla (the creators of some of the best Atari ST/e demos that I've ever seen). Movies come in the format of .CAV files so just drag & drop one onto the program and prepare to be amazed. I hope to see more videos released for the Atari STe - very soon! Download from Demozoo and Pouet.


  1. Pretty cool ... they look a little GIF-y / Cinepak-y, but still better than what, say, the MegaCD was able to achieve with much more suitable hardware.

    Sync seems to be an issue with them though, particularly the third one (the trailer for a George Lucas film that must have got canned before reaching the UK, maybe even before finishing production...)

    1. I'll have to take another look at these. Old recordings i made using old software back then... Thx