Monday, April 20, 2015

Destruction Imminent

Destruction Imminent was developed by Cunning & Devious Games and released back in 1996 for the Atari ST/e. It is a first person shooter similar to a Wolfenstein clone with lots of creepy, baddy-infested levels to explore. There are many weapons ranging from the humble pistol to the more powerful machine gun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle. Monsters range from robots and spiders to some the oddest looking creatures - one looks like Daroou from DM!!

The controls are very simple - cursor keys are used to walk, CTRL to fire your weapons and SHIFT to run away like a cowardly chicken. Side-stepping is available and we can use the function keys to flip between weapons and health. Movements are fast and responsive, considering the keyboard is used, but I'm so impressed just how well it runs on a stock Atari computer. Its 3D engine is mightily impressive with texture mapping, light sourced sprites, a superbly smooth framerate, and all enhanced on the STe. In fact, the Atari STe is well supported with better and faster visuals with cool stereo music and gorgeous sound effects, all thanks to the enhanced hardware.

There are two version to download off the internet, one is the demo with heavy restrictions and the other appears to be the full version - which Goodmans PDL sold for under a tenner and I would pay double that right now for this amazing game. A lot of love went into making this and it's shocking just how well our Atari ST performs. Play on an Atari STe if you can but this is an extraordinary example of an early first-person shooter. I love it!!


 - I recorded a video for you all to drool over my extreme gaming skills!
 - I believe I've found the full version which you can download off my Dropbox.