Monday, April 20, 2015

Destruction Imminent

Destruction Imminent was developed by Cunning & Devious Games and released back in 1996 for the Atari ST/e. It is a first person shooter similar to a Wolfenstein clone with lots of creepy, baddy-infested levels to explore. The action is both fun and rewarding with many cool weapons. Monsters range from robots and spiders to the oddest looking creatures - one looks like an angry teddy bear! Animations are pretty lame but the walls are 'textured' and look great.

The controls are humble, cursor keys are used to walk, CTRL to fire your weapons and SHIFT to run away like a cowardly chicken! Okay, hardly sophisticated compared to today's modern shooters that use keyboard and mouse combination but it works and it works well. Expect your humble 8MHz Atari ST to blow your socks off as it displays an ultra smooth framerate. Waste no more time and download Destruction Imminent right now, it's fantastic!


 - I just had to record a video for you all to drool over my gaming skills!
 - Old Games Finder has links to all the download sites.
 - We need a registered / full version. Can you help?