Monday, April 20, 2015

Destruction Imminent

Destruction Imminent was released in 1996 by Cunning & Devious Games for the Atari ST/e and is a first-person shooter, similar to a typical Wolfenstein clone. The atmosphere is quite creepy with each area infested with a variety of strange creatures - but not to worry because there are many weapons ranging from the humble pistol to the more powerful machine gun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle. The monsters are a spooky bunch of oddballs and one is just incredibly weird looking like something from a nightmare (like a crude Daroou from Dungeon Master).

It's worth watching the intro which is informative and features really stereo cool music too.

Controls are simple: the cursor keys are used for movement and walking, CTRL key fires the weapon and SHIFT allows you to run away like a cowardly chicken. Also, side-stepping is supported and the function keys are used to flip between weapons and health. Movement is responsive and, considering it's keyboard, I'm so impressed by just how fast and smooth a stock Atari ST/e computer performs. Ignoring the drab user-interface, the 3D engine is mightily impressive with texture mapping, light-sourced sprites, and a smooth framerate. Power without the price!

The intro informs us about the monsters we're likely to encounter and they are a freaky bunch!

Destruction Imminent is an extraordinary example of what the Atari ST/e is capable of knocking out and it's obvious that a lot of love went into the development. It's great on the ST but everything is better on the STe with better/faster visuals along with DMA stereo music and sound effects. Stop reading and start downloading this great FPS.

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