Monday, April 20, 2015

Destruction Imminent

Destruction Imminent was released in 1996 by Cunning & Devious Games for the Atari ST/e and is a first-person shooter, similar to a typical Wolfenstein clone. The atmosphere is quite creepy with each area infested with a variety of strange creatures - but not to worry because there are many weapons ranging from the humble pistol to the more powerful machine gun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle. The monsters are a spooky bunch of oddballs and one is just incredibly weird looking like something from a nightmare (like a crude Daroou from Dungeon Master).


Controls are simple: the cursor keys are used for movement and walking, CTRL key fires the weapon and SHIFT allows you to run away like a cowardly chicken. Also, side-stepping is supported and the function keys are used to flip between weapons and health. Movement is responsive and, considering it's keyboard, I'm so impressed just how fast and smooth a stock Atari ST/e computer performs. Ignoring the drab user-interface, the 3D engine is mightily impressive with texture mapping, light-sourced sprites, and a smooth framerate. Power without the price!


Destruction Imminent is an extraordinary example of what the Atari ST/e is capable of knocking out and it's obvious that a lot of love went into development. It's great on the ST but everything is better on the STe with better/faster visuals along with DMA stereo music and sound effects. Stop reading and start downloading this great FPS.

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