Saturday, April 25, 2015


I'm not a big Tetris fan if I'm honest. However, I do enjoy a quick game every now and here is Teserae. A clone by one of the best-named groups I could have ever imagined, The Albanian Sausage Corporation - a brilliant name!! As Tetris rip-offs go, this one is pretty good and plays very well. They've jazzed it up with a wobbly logo and scroller in overscan. Also, a variety of fullscreen backgrounds whizz about at 50fps with the blocks themselves displayed using the full-colour palette and there is a gorgeous chiptune playing. Yep, this is one fancy schmancy game!

I first imagined the moving background would put me off but it doesn't and surprisingly, I enjoyed myself with this fun and progressively challenging teaser. Give it a play because Teserae is a good game for an hour or two.


 - Demozoo have the download to umm download so do just that right now!
 - I recorded a video but emulation kills the smoothness, as does YouTube - use a REAL computer!