Saturday, April 25, 2015


Teserae was developed by The Albanian Sausage Corporation - the funniest name ever - and is a Tetris clone if you hadn't guessed. But this is different and pushes the Atari ST with fantastic aesthetics that no version of Tetris has ever seen before: I'm talking the whackiest and jazziest graphics ever seen. There's a cool wobbly logo, zooming backgrounds, a scroller and gorgeous music - and everything runs at 50fps!!

However, it wouldn't be worth its salt if the gameplay was rubbish. Fear not because it not only looks incredible but plays just as well as you would hope. Once you've got over the shock of what is a visual carnival, there is actually a challenging version of the classic game here. I'm not exactly a Tetris fan but I adored Teserae!!

Highly recommended but wear sunglasses before you hit AtariMania for the download.

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  1. Got it free on an ST Format disc, and still one of my favourite takes on Tetris.

    If you can get a high score without ending up both nauseous and with a splitting headache, however, you're doing well. Not recommended for long play sessions in a darkened room whilst sat rather too close to a 50Hz CRT. Don't ask me how I know that... :D

    It's also well worth loading it up at least the one time just to start a game, pause it, and read the entire scrolltext. Or, probably closer to the true intent, read it whilst bored and watching the screen waiting for your turn whilst a far too competent sibling sets a score you're never likely to beat.

    My head! My neck! Anything but my hard disk!