Saturday, April 25, 2015


Teserae is a Tetris clone developed by one of the best-named groups I could have ever imagined, The Albanian Sausage Corporation!! This is pretty good and plays incredibly well with fun and progressive gameplay. However, the visuals take the theme to a whole new level with jazzy graphics, a wobbly logo, zooming backgrounds, an overscan scroller, and all at a blistering 50fps. The music is chiptune heaven and utterly gorgeous as you can hear if you play the video!! This is one of the best Tetris clones and I highly recommend you take a stab at Teserae.

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  1. Got it free on an ST Format disc, and still one of my favourite takes on Tetris.

    If you can get a high score without ending up both nauseous and with a splitting headache, however, you're doing well. Not recommended for long play sessions in a darkened room whilst sat rather too close to a 50Hz CRT. Don't ask me how I know that... :D

    It's also well worth loading it up at least the one time just to start a game, pause it, and read the entire scrolltext. Or, probably closer to the true intent, read it whilst bored and watching the screen waiting for your turn whilst a far too competent sibling sets a score you're never likely to beat.

    My head! My neck! Anything but my hard disk!