Monday, April 13, 2015

Tiger Road

I remember playing this in the arcades back in the 80s but the 16-bit versions don’t do the original any justice if I’m honest. It’s almost like looking at a different game, I know the Atari ST is capable of far better but graphics and sounds aren’t everything, right and there is still a certain charm to it. From the very beginning, you're thrown into instant hack and slash action through hoards of bad guys. So grab your axe and thrash your way to victory!

Sadly, it’s quite bland to look at and with a serious lack of sound effects plus the baddies are often just plain awkward or very stupid. The harder baddies are sometimes annoying to kill because I found myself wanting more visual feedback from their progressed beatings! Having said all that, it’s still pretty good at times and I did enjoy it. Annoyingly, the music and sound effects cannot be played together which was a little disappointing. Far more could have been done with this conversion and it's a shame the developers didn’t push themselves. In the end, we have an average game that's pretty good for half an hours gaming. There are better on the Atari ST.

(first recording.. Ohh I'm so goooooood!)

(second recording.. slightly better performance!)