Sunday, April 05, 2015

Atari ST magazines

( my Atari Falcon w/ MiNT desktop and three PDF magazine being displayed using zView )

The Atari ST had some of the best magazines the world has ever seen and it's often a great idea to refer back to those old issues for their various features, reviews, and other information. Thankfully, there are websites which have scans of this golden era be it ST Action, ST Format, Atari World, ST User, etc... So enjoy the reading!!


 - AtariMania is always a great resource and they also have a fantastic magazine section.
 - Here is a wonderful website dedicated to Atari ST Review, including their ace coverdisks.
 - Kiwis World seems has bucket loads of Atari ST magazines.
 - Exxos has a page for ST Format and Atari World with cover disks.
 - The Zogging Hell website has a great collection of various magazine coverdisks.