Sunday, October 25, 2015


Frenetic is a vertical scrolling shooter released in 1991 by Core Design with gorgeous graphics rich in colour. It might be title "Frenetic" but the scrolling is pretty slow for anything close to frenetic speeds!

We have a crafty shooter that looks and plays great. Gameplay is lots of fun and I am very impressed by the well balanced mechanics which don't make me instantly go looking for an infinite lives cheat! What it lacks in originally is made up with great playability and lotsa fun.

If I had to be picky then I would first mention the sound effects which should be far better. Its also annoying to loose the power-ups after a life lost, but I guess that's to be expected? The biggest problem I have with Frenetic is the lacking frenetic element - perhaps it should have been called Almost Calm or Nearly Furious! Okay folks, does the Atari ST really need yet another vertical scrolling shoot 'em up? Yes, of course it does. Is Frenetic the best in its league? Nope but its still a good shooter, for a few mins!


 - Here is a Vine video clip I made. Its impossible to play and record at the same time!
 - AtariMania have Frenetic within their ST database.
 - As always, 8bitchip have a version configured to be stored and ran from off hard drive!
 - For those needing the floppy disk image, check out Old Games Finder!