Sunday, October 25, 2015


Frenetic is a vertical scrolling shooter released in 1991 by Core Design with gorgeous graphics that are rich in colour with big sprites. The gameplay is quite good but nothing that we haven't seen a million times already. However, I am very impressed by the well-balanced mechanics which meant that I didn't reboot to activate the trainer.

Frenetic is okay but it's nothing special. I think this is because I'm getting the distinct whiff of another weak Amiga port which is a shame because Core has done much better in previous years. The visuals are great but the audio is pitiful and it's also very annoying to lose all your power-ups after a life is lost. Yep, there's that whiff of a lame port again...

I advise that you skip this and play something else. There are a ton of quality titles to choose from! However, if you so desire to torture your ST then you can download either the floppies or a hard drive version. Good luck!

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