Sunday, October 25, 2015


Frenetic is a vertical scrolling shooter released in 1991 by Core Design with gorgeous graphics that are very rich in colour and style. The gameplay is quite good but nothing that we havn't see before. However, I am very impressed by the well-balanced mechanics so I don't instantly go looking for an infinite lives cheat because I could do rather well. If I had to be picky then I would mention the poor sound effects and it's annoying to loose power-ups after a life lost...

Frenetic is quite a nice shooter with cool graphics but it's sadly so obvious that it's a rushed conversion. Which is a massive shame because the potential is there and we all know that the Atari ST is certainly able to produce far better. So, with a little commitment, this could easily have been much better and I'm actually really angry with Core for another poor Amiga port!! An average shoot 'em up but worth taking a look at if you have an hour spare. Maybe.


 - As always, 8bitchip have a version configured to be stored and ran from off hard drive!
 - For those needing the floppy disk image, check out Old Games Finder!

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