Friday, June 10, 2016


Today I spent about 30 minutes trying to play this game and I could feel my life-force being slowly drained. Apparently, Sophelie is a vanquished goddess left to roam the lands looking for her original appearance. Why I hear you cry? Well, some kind soul has turned her into an albatross and now she is left to fly under beautifully colourful skies to battle some of the most insanely stupid enemies you could ever imagine.

Sophelie was released by New Deal Productions in 1990 and is probably the daftest shoot 'em up I have ever played. It features (almost) impressive parallax scrolling and lots of colours but oddly very little audio. Start the game, kill a hoard of baddies, collect a weapons power-up from a naked angel (that's the best bit) and then do it all over again but with different sprites. In fact, it's these which are a curious oddity, I cannot remember the last time I had to shoot huge eyeballs, angry trees and rotating globes. Perhaps the programmer was on some hardcore drugs at the time!

Aesthetically, the visuals aren't too bad but the complete lack of decent sounds is an odd affair. The gameplay is so drab and dreary I almost fell asleep twice because it's so repetitive - just what were they thinking? Hmm, yes, I think it was the drugs again. Overall, an underwhelming shooter which is impossible to recommend over all the other great Atari ST games out there. However, it does have in-game boobies and a very cheeky title screen too, so...


 - 8BitChip has adapted the game to install onto your hard drive.
 - Old Games Finder has the floppy disk downloads.

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