Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Crash Time Plumber

This is a conversion of the Gamopat original released only days ago at Silly Venture and our Atari game was developed by Sebastien Lucas of Cerebral Vortex. It works on any Atari computer with a Blitter Chip, which means the Mega ST, Atari STe, and the Falcon (so if your STFM has an empty socket then you know what to do).

Many STFMs have an empty Blitter Chip socket so head over to the EXXOS webSTore.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I was greeted with an authentic 8Bit-styled platformer. It's based on Donkey Kong with a dollop of Popeye and is set in 1983, before the video gaming industry crash. A certain Italian plumber has teamed up with an angry-looking monkey and have kidnapped ten favourite gaming heroes: Pac-Man, Pitfall Harry, Q-Bert, Frogger, and others who are all preparing for a hideous death at the hands of these terrible criminals from the East! So rescue them all to foil Mario's plan and stop this invasion to save the gaming industry.

The intro is short but sweet when telling the story. Also, I've been to Alamogordo twice. #tidbit

Taking place on the donkey kong construction site, we collect love hearts given freely by a damsel in distress. She floats by in her hot air balloon and, when enough are collected, we begin a steroid-jumping rescue to the top of the screen to save a gaming hero. This won't be easy because not only is Mario is rolling barrels downhill but King Kong is hanging about throwing his killer bananas with annoying accuracy! Also, some levels have weather conditions affecting your movement but don't forget about the harsh 120 seconds time limit.

The graphics are fantastic for a gorgeous 80s retro theme. The sprites are cute and the Blitter produces smooth 50fps scrolling. Heck, the Atari STe even adds enhanced colour fading and Falcon owners get to witness a huge Zeppelin flying by - which I cannot help but wonder why this is missing on the STe? Audio is superb with lovely sound effects and a simple chiptune that is also totally suited to the ye olde style. Everything is perfect.

Watch out for angry monkeys throwing their killer bananas otherwise you're DEAD!!

Don't be fooled by the humble appearance, from the start you're tricked into thinking this is going to be easy! However, the combination of fantastic controls and extremely tough mechanics will catch you out - I'm sick of being smacked in the face by a killer banana but somehow I'm always being dragged back for more torment!!

Crash Time Plumber is addictive. It's extremely hard but it somehow manages to keep dragging you back for more - kicking and screaming! If you play just one game today then I suggest you start loading this up. Right now.

Download for FLOPPY / HARD DISK

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