Friday, April 06, 2018

Half-Life II Slideshow

Half-Life 2 is here at last!

Well, no it isn't but this is the next best thing. Well, no it isn't but you guys might like it if you're into digitised pixel art? Okay, after last years mega-hit, ZombieCrypt [yes, sarcasm!], I have made another slideshow and this time it's for the incredible Half-Life II games. Once again, I have used Peter Jørgensen's awesome slideshow engine and chosen a superb tune by TAO called Line of Fire, which I think suits this production perfectly.

Each picture is a screenshot from my own game which was converted to Degas format using Imagecopy 4 and the entire process took me about six months to compile. I hope you enjoy my lame release? [download]

- A Few Sample Images -

Sadly, a couple didn't make the cut as I ran out of floppy disk space... Doh!