Friday, August 31, 2018

Alien Vs Predator

Don't tread in the slime!

Rebellion's Alien Vs Predator is a 64-bit masterpiece and also the main reason I bought an Atari Jaguar. It offers a fascinating first-person experience set in outer space onboard an alien-infested spaceship. Rarely did I play as either the Alien or Predator because I almost always chose the Colonial Marine, Private Lance J. Lewis.

This marine is a bad boy who awakens from stasis in the Brig. Wondering what's going on, he conveniently finds a dead body and picks up a shotgun before speaking the line: "What on earth got hold of this guy?". Lance is very hungry and heads to the canteen on sublevel 3 only to find the place is swarming with vicious aliens!!

Original and gripping storyline? Well, at least the artwork is gorgeous... Hang on, is that a pink ship?

All I need is a big gun!

Don't be scared - the ship might be overrun but we have a shotgun and there are plenty of supplies to pick up. Sadly, your clearance level is pretty lame but fumbling dead bodies could reveal hidden treasures and possibly better keycards. When all seems lost, follow in the footsteps of Gordon Freeman and use the vent shafts for a sneaky way to get around. Finally, don't ignore the computer terminals as they often contain helpful information...

This adventure is yours to enjoy how you see fit but it will be hard unless you make a map - especially for the vent shafts which are tricky to navigate. Upgrading to the Pulse Rifle is a must and it sounds superb. I love the Motion Tracker which is really handy but don't dawdle because reports suggest of another alien ship docking!!

Who do you wanna be? A cool chappy, a sleek alien or a big wimp who hides behind his gadgets?

Alien vs Predator is all about taking the time to explore and tactical thinking. There's nothing like crawling the air vents looking to secret places or just places that aren't accessible the usual way. The game is massive and the excitement you feel when first firing that pulse rifle is legendary. These are nasty times so find the keycards, kill as many aliens as possible and activate the self-destruct before it's too late. Be brave and don't step in the goo.

I highly recommend this wonderful fps - just don't forget about the escape pod otherwise it's "Game over, man"!!

Did you enjoy this? It wasn't related to the Atari ST but I hope to feature more for the Atari consoles.
My apologies for the speed & quality of the video recording. The emulator struggled on my old Mac but I had lots of fun and now regret selling my Jaguar... I could play this game all over again!!

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