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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Blob Race

It's not often a parent introduces their young daughter to gambling but I figured racing cute blobs was going to be worth the risk of the cops knocking on my door. Yep, you heard correctly, today we are going to be betting on green blobs which is something similar to the horse racing machines at the seaside amusement arcades.

Developed by Kev Davis back in 1991, Blob was oddly never released for some insane reason.
Well, not until 1994 after seeing an unauthorised beta on a Menu Disk... Yikes!

With each game, we begin with £100 in the kitty. Racing a blob is just like in the arcades: pick yourself a likely winner from a selection of six racers. Each has a name and its own individual characteristics for maximum speed, reactions (how well they can maintain that speed) and the number of tricks they're able to perform. Oh yes, each blob can possess a bunch of tricks to use against their competitors such as throwing bombs, riding a bike, and sprouting helicopter wings. If all this wasn't silly enough, you might see one explode or teleport...

The betting system is simple and not like you might expect: come first and you get your winnings at the specified odds. However, coming in second allows half of that, whilst third place gets you your money back. Fourth of less gets you a big fat nothing! This actually works really well and helps keep everyone playing for longer.

That's about all there is to this belting game: pick a blob and watch it squelch across the screen. It's great but what makes this game extra awesome is its simplicity and humour: I loved the falling ton weights, bombs, and lots of other worm-like incidents. Also, the news headlines are funny: avoid cliches like the plague. My only criticism would be the length of each race which is too short otherwise Blob is ace and gets a thumbs up from both of us here!

Ricky D. would be proud of that boulder... until it squashed him!

One gets crushed by a ton weight and another develops helicopter hair.

I absolutely love this game's fantastic sense of humour!!

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