Saturday, June 22, 2019

Boogey Man

Bogey or crows?

Scouring through the ST archives, I found something silly called Boogey Man, by Anthony Hamilton. The screenshots reminded me of an old 8-Bit game but, if I'm honest, it really isn't anything close to what I expected.

This is a tough one to describe... but... we are Burt, a guy who loves to collect snot. Yup, snot. There is plenty of that popping up all over the screen in small and large doses. There are nine levels in all which might sound too easy? It's not because the controls are super-sensitive which makes the entire experience very chaotic as you agonisingly attempt to carefully navigate, avoiding the nasties. Mad, but great fun.

The bad guys come in two flavours, a Blob and a Spike. Touching either kills you instantly. Watch the timer, which is just another way to lose a life - and you can see that happen to me near the end of my recording. A boogeyometer is shown bottom/right of the screen to display how much snot remains to be collected. Once accomplished, an exit door appears on the right and we can leg it to the next level for more snotty fun.

Burt seems to love snot for some peculiar reason but look out for the nasties who wanna stop you.


The visuals are basic and very 8-Bit, which is something I often admire because it works. And it works here too. Interestingly, this game runs in Medium resolution which explains the fine details and lack of colour. I liked the sprites, especially Blob, but there's nothing here pushing the old ST of course and that's fine.

However, the audio will certainly entertain - the kids. And the big kids like me. I absolutely loved it but I should say nothing more to spoil your surprise other than Anthony made excellent use of MasterSound!!!

Gameplay relies on the fudgy controls to make it feel quite chaotic. Can you beat level nine?

The CryptO'pinion?

Whatever you're thinking when you see the screenshots. Stop. Since when did cinematic visuals ever matter? The idea and gameplay is simple but humorous and incredibly entertaining. Yes, the controls initially feel too snappy, but you will get used to that and anything different would just make the game far too easy.

Overall, this is a ridiculous game and one I'm sure your kids will love for all the obvious reasons. I loved every second of it and I've just heard there's a Boogey Man II listed on AtariMania... dare I even try the sequel? LOL


  1. When i first saw the screenshots - it looked like Robotron, but one should read the article...

  2. A brief look at the screenshots made me think it was a Robotron lookalike (exept the stone blocks) - sjust goes to show you need to read the article before making up your mind!

    1. It's worth a play mate. It's stupid and silly plus the sound effects are even worse - very comical!!!