Saturday, January 25, 2020

Bombaman -registered!

The full registered version!!

It looks like my freakish addiction to the Atari ST/e has paid off? I am proud to announce the availability of the registered version of Bombaman (click on that link to find out more!). Of course, it was kindly donated by Kevin Callahan, a man who has put up with my mithering for 18 months. Never once did he break down and ask me to leave him alone!! [download]

My greetings to Kevin and I hope everyone enjoys playing this fantastic Bomberman? Enjoy!!


  1. God bless Kevin!!!... I hope that many of the old programers read this AND Donate His old software... The Time has passed...

    1. I agree and also to keep our ST history preserved too. Must keep these old disks safe and secure online otherwise they'll be lost forever...

  2. Cute clone. It looks pleasant to play 👍

  3. My pleasure lol
    You just would not let it go :)