Friday, July 13, 2018


Ever since I first played Erik And The Floaters on my ZX Spectrum, I have enjoyed many Bomberman clones and here is yet another called Bombaman. Developed by Kevin Callahan for the Atari STe, this conversion is multiplayer for two-four people, with support for those enhanced joystick ports lurking on the side of the computer.

Blowing up stuff is superb fun with light and easy control. Tons of power-ups are available and contain some favourites, like a molotov cocktail and chucking bombs over a wall. Others can increase the number of bombs we are able to drop - but watch out for chain-reactions during their explosions as they will detonate the others. Roller skates speed up gameplay whilst flap jackets protect us but slower players better watch out for zombies...

The visuals are incredibly colourful but may require sunglasses to protect your eyes from all that glare!! Everything runs smoothly at 50fps thanks to the Blitter and is displayed in overscan too I might add. Can ya tell with these screenshots? Chipmusic plays throughout, which I really enjoyed because it's downright awesome. Thankfully, it never overpowers the DMA sound effects bursting out of your Atari STe. This is how it should be!!

Overall, a brilliant multiplayer game which lived up to my expectations, even though I admit to missing a singleplayer option. We have both thoroughly enjoyed Bombaman and my daughter says it's her favourite ST game [watch our video recording]. So, if you fancy throwing a few bombs at friends, then I suggest you play it. Now.

Thankfully AtariMania has this wonderful game in their archives!!

It starts tame but soon you're using power-ups and blasting everything!

All that colour could drive you insane - if it wasn't such a great game!!

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