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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I woke up early today and in the mood for demos! No idea why, but I started watching a few old video recordings whilst supping my coffee. Yes, it's a weird way to spend those early hours when the family are still sleeping but... I'm weird. There are so many great demos for the Atari ST and even a few for the STe too. (But I never understood how the STe had all that extra graphical hardware yet its demos pale compared to the STFM?)

Anyhow, I ended up watching a few more videos - Punish Your Machine never fails to impress my old eyes and ears! Brace, by Diamond Design, is simply jaw-dropping. These got me in the mood - for another coffee!! Then I grabbed the headphones and enjoyed a few fave tunes by Scavenger, Nemo and TAO. A golden trio there!!

Trouble is, the hands ache holding onto the phone that long, so I cast YM Rockerz' Spinning Wheels onto the TV. However, time was now running out and the "noise" woke my girls who halted the fun ;-) But what a great start to the day! (Everything mentioned is within the above [ST+STe] playlists. All downloads are on Demozoo).

I'll end this silly post with the groovy Sexgames by Christian Källström (Crazy Q) of DHS. It's ace!!

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