Saturday, May 16, 2020


It's always exciting to hear of another brand new game in development for the Atari STe and we've just been given an early playable demo of Randomazer. It's by Thomas Ilg, the same fella who gave us a fantastic conversion of Frogs which should also work fine on the Falcon and Mega ST (check your STFM for an empty Blitter socket).

As you have probably guessed, Randomazer features randomly generated mazes were we guide colourful baubles around the screen and safely home. It sounds simple, and it is, but it's not - especially with multiple balls! There are four different game modes, tutorials, buckets of levels and also cool actions that can be applied to destroy walls and teleport. The graphics are designed by none other than STS with sweet tunes by xFalcon.

These type of puzzlers aren't really my cuppa tea because I simply haven't got the patience for something like this!! However, I have actually enjoyed playing Randomazer which is something that both Thomas and I are probably shocked to hear!! Why, I hear you scream?

Well, after suffering through Marble Madness, I wasn't initially keen with Randomazer. At first, I struggled and it destroyed what little patience I managed to muster! But the tutorials are helpful so I managed to get a grip of this intriguing puzzler which has elements of Lemmings in some respects. Yep, I still find it infuriating (sorry Thomas!) but it's unique and oddly very addictive!

It's incredible to think a brand new Atari STe game is born from what was a basic maze generator only a couple of months ago. I wish Thomas much success with this but please remember that it is a Work-In-Progress. Any feedback, help or other ideas will be appreciated so click the link and get this baby playtested right now :-)

Update: the game is pretty much finished albeit marked as a beta as I write. You can download it right now from Thomas's website for free with the final release only hours away and the boxed version available to pre-order!! Also, it's worth checking out Stickhead's fantastic new video showcasing the current game. Enjoy!!

Use those green arrows to safely guide your ball home (the green square)

I never thought I'd see "perfect" when I first started to play this tough game!!

Woo!! Things are getting difficult now and what are those buttons at the bottom? Hmm...

Hang on, I can blow-up walls? Let's try that for starters!!! :D

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