Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Silly Dabbles Demo

I love finding Atari ST programs that do something silly or unexpectedly cool. There are lots already within our Software section, like Full Screen Construction Kit, MandelST and I even got to play with overscan. Yep, I love to dabble in hiSTory so I was pleasantly shocked to find an intro maker which I had not heard of before...

It's by Deviant Designers, called Letter And Intro Maker (L.A.I.M.) and is simple to use. Just select the various fragments of what actually makes an intro - like a picture, fonts, chip music and, of course, a text file used for the scroller. There are already lots of fonts on the disk and dozens of chiptunes to chose from - the hardest part is writing the text (read the docs) and finding a decent image to use - unless you're talented in NeoChrome?

Once you're happy, save your production to disk and then quit into GEM to load it up. Yep, you've created your first demo screen in mere seconds! This is what I've done here and called it "Silly Dabbles" which features an image from Beastlord and music by An Cool. Try this program - I'd love to see what you guys create.

I've recorded a video and the disk image can be downloaded too. It's jerky under emulation (for me) but smooth as silk on a real Atari ST. Anyhow, I hope you like my Silly Dabbles Demo and enjoy using the program too?

Credits and Download Links:

Deviant Designers for Letters And Intro Maker (LAIM)

Picture was taken from Beastlord by WJS Design/Grandslam

Music by An Cool used in The Death Demo for 2-Life Crew

- Screenshots from L.A.I.M -

Nothing flashy here but it works great and never crashed on me once!!

Oodles of fonts to chose from and a preview is shown before you decide, which is nice.

Dozens of awesome chiptunes to choose from but sadly no preview. Can't have it all...


  1. Nice video and writeup.. I did wonder about doing one myself but god I hate ST chipmusic. I am spoiled by Amiga music. Compare Menace music on Amiga and ST. Loved both machines but not blind to the ST's weaknesses :-(

    1. I umm kinda know what you mean. There are some Mods I love but I'm more a chipmusic guy. There's a timeless quality to them and utterly retro too. If a stupid opinion like that makes sense? lol. I do love some old Amiga tunes - like Menace - but many sound naff to my ears. Sorry but I often feel those mods haven't aged too well. Not all.

      There is another program I've got that supports the STe and tracker mod tunes but I'm having issues with it. Maybe one day I'll get the time to suss that out? And I'll use Menace tune if I remember. Cheers for stopping by and commenting!!! :-)

    2. I've been subbed for years so I will see it when it gets done. Thanks!