Sunday, October 18, 2020

GEM Desktop Music

Music while you work!

Over the decades, I've seen many neat programs that would play a piece of chip music, in GEM, as a background task. I always thought this was so cool and wondered why there wasn't more. Well, it turns out that there are a lot on several Budgie UK disks. (I don't think I ever saw these types of programs on any other floppy disks?)

Anyhow, I've spent some time going through my disks to gather a quick, no-frills compilation. Some of these tracks were made by Goth but I'm not sure who else to credit for the rest - possibly Budgie UK? There's also an intro included which is a scroller text by me using a utility coded by Dogue de Mauve of Overlanders.

I hope this floppy disk is of some interest to you ST Nutters? Like it? Let me know in the comments below!
(my download is updated to v1.1 -thanks to Tronic of Effect for his superb new addition!!) :-)


  1. Very interesting find.. but your scrolly made my eyes hurt.. I had to stop watching video :-( (really, no joke!)

    1. Same here. It's too fast but much nicer on real hardware compared to YouTube or jerky emulation. Sorry I made your eyes hurt ;p

    2. I'll bet I'd have had no issues "back in the day" when my eyes were younger :-)