Friday, October 16, 2020

Evasion II

Ignore the looks - play it!

Evasion 2 was developed by Chris Skellern for Budgie UK and is a maze game where we run around collecting pills whilst being chased by the nasties. Yes, I know this sounds all too familiar but the structure of the gameplay's mechanics is different and very much a frantic rush. Each level offers a chance to collect power-ups - to freeze the baddies, drop smart bombs and gain extra lives. Heck, you can even drop mines in their path which is a brilliant touch I thought.

There might only be 8 levels but completing them grants the chance to do it again - but with insanely zippy baddies!! This is a perfect example of how cool retro gaming is. Evasion is maddening and I really enjoyed the frenzied challenge.

No, it's not a lame pac-man clone. You will love the adrenaline rush it provides. Highly recommended!!

Grab the download off AtariMania and why not also play Starburst (another corker by Chris Skellern).

Ignore how it looks. Yes, it isn't 1982 but since when did aesthetics matter? #GameplayMatters

Beware, these humble-looking tiny blighters are actually infuriatingly intelligent and fast!

Arghhh!!! I came so close to finally completing the game - and without cheating! :o)

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