Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Into The Vertical Blank

The boys are back in town!

If you love retro gaming on the world's best 16-bit computer then check this out! Jeff, from Into The Vertical Blank, has recently released two video compilations featuring a ton of Atari ST games - Photon Storm, Rainbow Islands, Stunt Car Racer, Sideways, Scooby-Doo, Fire And Ice, Oids, James Pond, Bubble Bobble and more.

But hold your horses, there's also a hefty wedge for the often-overlooked Atari STe!! Stuff like Rock 'n' Roll Clams, Asteroidia, Uridium, Prince of Persia, No Buddies Land and other upgraded titles.

I really enjoyed watching both videos because the presentation is fast and fluent; they didn't drag on with overly long clips so you get to watch many different games within a short period of time. I also enjoyed the varied range of games and the fact the Atari STe was used whenever possible. Yep, I hope there are more in the pipeline!

Both videos are on YouTube but don't forget to check out their website with Podcasts and much more.


  1. Great initiative. The videos don't last too long and moreover the games are relevant. A good overview of the Atari st huge library.

    1. I am working on #3 and #4 right now. After those I will hit genre's and companies and just show the games that didn't suck and ones that I'd play again. Same series though (example) "Atari ST Games by Ocean that Rocked the Machine" =) If I can find any.

    2. Good job. I'm sure you'll find some in the Ocean catalog which deserve to be known once sorted. From memory, RoboCop, batman the movie, ocean beach volley, f29 retaliator, elf and pang. I don't know if they push back the st limit but they're honest games. I look forward to watching what is coming next.