Saturday, January 14, 2023


I've missed clubbing animals!

Incredibly, it was 7 years ago that I first featured a game by Titus called Prehistorik (go on, click that link). Unlike most games programmed in STOS, I found this cute, playable, and instantly very addictive. So, I figured I should map it!

It's been superb replaying this platformer and I still appreciate its simplicity; each level is pretty much the same albeit with different graphics and a few extra baddies. That's no bad thing, I hate it when developers attempt to bulk up a game with extra stages that often end up overbearingly bloated and unnecessary. So, it's great to see Titus sticking to their guns with lots of mindless animal bashing and yes, I have not changed my opinion of Prehistorik whatsoever.

Okay, I've tried to map everything correctly with all items shown. This also includes each of the caves and all of the secret rooms - I've included directional arrows to help navigate properly. Prehistorik has been an absolute blast and I hope you enjoy these maps as much as I've enjoyed making them? Let me know in the comments below.

Here are a few sneaky thumbnails of what to expect and you can grab the hi-res images by clicking here.

Level one is very easy to play and features lots of caves with a few hidden screens.

Perhaps it's now I should warn of spoilers? Nah, download the maps and enjoy it for yourself!

Things are getting tough with new monsters (I really like those crafty snowmen throwing snowballs)

Actually, the snowmen are very tricky and this level has some formidable screens. The boss is rubbish...

We're in the woods for the penultimate level and guess what? It's a brilliant level!!

Well, except for those squirrels who throw their nuts with such annoying accuracy. Ooer!

The final level is a belter, and really enjoyable with great gameplay. I genuinely loved it!!

After all your hard work you return home to the family. Hey, check out my wife!

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