Sunday, January 29, 2023

Uninvited ...not a walkthrough!

Helping Hands
There are many walkthroughs all over the internet but, blindly following one makes playing any game rather pointless. Used as a reference they're helpful to get you passed those sticky bits that have you stumped. I know all about that feeling all too well for this bloodthirsty adventure! Anyhow, did you read our review of Uninvited? Go on, check it out :)

Uninvited is tough and it's an understatement to say that some obscure puzzles are impossible to figure out because they make no sense whatsoever! Also, there are many areas used exclusively as a red herring - lots of dead ends with even more dreaded deaths (remember that giant spider under the church?). So, I figured I'd try to map what I can and provide some helpful tips that might help you out. Or you could just google for a walkthrough if you're a wimp?

Generous Big Tips
* After escaping the car, look around before entering the scary mansion.
* Once inside, you'll notice an unlit fire and comfy chairs. Rest a while.
* Inside the library room, there is an interesting book to read.
* Anything readable is often helpful for information, words to speak and numerical combinations.
* The hallway on the first floor has access to bottles for critters and phantoms.
* Hey, there's a spirit in the hallway on the ground floor, that's handy!
* Any books left lying about need to be examined and read.
* Flowers can be a sign of respect, especially when placed at the graveside.
* I always carry a box of matches with me because you never know...
* Aren't knives great for cutting stuff up? Vandals use them to slash things like chairs.
* Did you find a box in the Master's bedroom? If you're stuck, highlight this text: "pick up the box from inside the locked cabinet. This needs to be burnt in the fire"
* Gems make great keys for (erm) aptly shapely keyholes.
* The greenhouse is another enigma. Highlight this text if you're stuck: "use the watering can on the empty plant pot which is on the table on the left. Pick up the plant pot afterwards"
* Those dogs aren't that bad, they just need to hear a friendly voice. Reading is always helpful, right?
* If you don't go to church then you should - but the chapel is so vague and if you need help then highlight this text: "light the candlesticks and pick up the Cross. Don't forget to speak to the head..."
* The maze is its own entity of annoyance. Explore if you must but this is the part of the game where I "cheated" to find my way through. I know, I know but at least I'm honest! So, if you're fed up wandering around the maze like a fool, then highlight this text for directions: "north, west, west, north, north, west, west, north, north, east, east, north, north, east, east".
* It's here that you stumble upon a zombie! This is an easy kill but only if you were listening and paying attention right from the start? After the car explodes, you needed something. Can you go back? Ha!
* The maze still isn't over with and after killing the zombie, these are the directions to continue on: "East, east, south, south and you better have brought those flowers!". Hint? "only birds go inside a bird cage"
* Now we can leave the maze. Can you remember the way out? Okay, here you go: "north, north, west, west, west, west, south, south, west, west, south, south, east, east, south, south, east, east, south, south".
* Ice caves need melting. If you need help, highlight this text: "that brass pentagram which you thought was pointless is actually the way to melt ice. I know, I know... what a rubbish puzzle".
* Remember that little red demon that flies by every so often? Highlight time: "he loves cookies and can be found in the Recreational room on the ground floor".
* Dead body? Police might assume the worst so why not try dumping it?
* Drowning in the bathroom? Look up and keep trying.
* One final tip for the last task? John 14:6 ... Yep, you need a †

I hope my obscure hints help you out in some of those stickier moments? But please don't ruin this game by mindlessly following a walkthrough. Trust me, this adventure has its annoyances but is worth playing properly. Well, except for the maze which is a stupid part of the entire quest. So yeah, cheat all you can inside that horrendous location!

Okay, I'm being harsh and paranoid because it's actually doable -but- only if you map it. This will take several attempts because of three things: 1) deadly creatures lurking in the maze. 2) dead ends. 3) Well, I won't spoil that one!! So, the best thing to do is draw a map and keep saving and replaying it. This way you can keep nudging forward your progress with each movement made. Yeah, it will take a while so wouldn't it be nice if someone had already mapped it?

The Map!
Yeah, I've managed to map all the different locations (well, so far). However, there are some that I've not yet managed to suss out. For example, the locked door near the Observatory and I don't know how to kill the giant spider(s). Anyhow, you can download this map and take a look for yourself. I've spent weeks making it so let me know what you think! O_o

Puzzling Puzzles?
As I said in my review (go on, you know you wanna click that link), there are many puzzles but some are plain stupid. Success is always about being a good adventurer and leaving no stone unturned so, if you rush, without making notes, then you're gonna make mistakes. Slow down, grab that pen and paper and you will do just fine (he says).

Before we see the absurd puzzles, let's take a look at some of the better ones you will come upon...

Why would I need a paralyzed spider? Well, isn't everyone scared of spiders? Everyone!

This is a game of experimenting so look everywhere and why not see if... something... works...

Yeah, you sussed it out! But now a peculiar haunting dude shows up. Scare him away!

Interesting information is everywhere so leave no stone unturned. Or chair.

What would you say to a gipsy? Well, I know but let's be nice! (hint, read everything)

Impossible Puzzles
See how painless yet productive those puzzles are thanks to a little common sense? Plus it always pays to read documents and books as that gathered information will help later on. However, there are a few puzzles that are very vague so stump even the most hardened adventurer. Heck, I don't think Spock could suss out some of these killers.

Melting ice, the church and the greenhouse sections made little sense and you already know how I feel about the maze. Also, there are some infuriating dead ends which are a pain in the bum especially when you're worried about the impending darkness creeping ever so near. So these aren't difficult puzzles more like impossible, which is illogical to me.

Sigh, it's almost like the game requires sneaking a peep at a walkthrough. Never mind, let's take a look...

Stone faces talk, really? Candles scare away ghosts - in the daylight - that was weird!

One wrong move in the maze and, you've guessed it. Death! Did you save the game?

Another dead end that results in your gruesome death. So glad I save regularly!!

I cannot stress just how impossibly irritating this puzzle was. Cool ghost drawing though!

Perhaps the most annoying death of all - I had no chance without referencing a walkthrough :(

Funny Faces!
Let's end on a high with some silly pixel art for a laugh. Uninvited is stuffed with great artwork but several screens are downright ridiculous, like the bathroom with its ugly miniature dolls hanging on the wall. Also, there are a few dodgy-looking monsters which certainly don't suit the "horror" theme (David Marsh what were you thinking?). Quite odd compared to the other drawings which are fantastic by comparison. Oh, and where is my brother on the final screenshot?

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this last batch of silly screenshots...

Attack of the killer tomatoes? Oh, and this was another ridiculous puzzle!!

Green fingers make this monster happy. Apparently...

One final demon to contend with but only if you steal from the chapel! Whaaaat?

The weather brightens and everyone is happy. Another day saved. Be happy.

lol yeah, that's me alright. And no, I don't have a printer!

What, do you want more?
Well, how about access to a hidden room? It's called the Art Gallery and is of no use whatsoever to your progress but is fun to visit. There is zero chance of stumbling upon it by accident due to the obscure way it's unlocked. Only by sheer luck did I spot it on The Cutting Room Floor (Mac version, but I was pleasantly surprised it also worked with the Atari ST).

What I liked about this secret is that it's actually twofold: not only can you unlock and access the room but you can also alter the girl in the painting. Give a guy half the chance and it was bound to happen. Yep, I'm talking boobs!

Seriously, thanks for stopping by and remember to comment or share this with the ST world...

As secrets go, this was nice to uncover but... it's meaningless to your adventure.

Bring along the correct brush and hey presto, boobs!!!


  1. can't get the black to be opened (wanted to see those boobs 1980*1020) :/

    1. Sadly, I've not got my saved game files anymore. But I've checked over the Mac page which I've linked too. Feels like years since I played this! Anyhow, look at the star map in the screenshot they have:
      Although the ST screenshot is slightly different - you must still click in that same area. It's easier than you think. But other than this difference, follow their instructions exactly the same ok?

  2. actually been trying to see them from 1h+:D btw i finished this game back in 2008, you've have a limited number of moves in-game. Nice little game with original touches (remember that big potato) :)

    oh.. and thanks for your site, lot of devotion put in here, please keep it up

    1. Thanks for visiting!!! Glad you enjoyed this 'extra' article. There is a review too - just scroll back up for that link. Glad you liked the boobies ;)

  3. Hello Steve.. seriously, how did you access the secret room? I tried to follow the step-by-step process described over at the Cutting Room Floor website, but it didn't work for me.

    I like this kind of stuff - secrets, oddities in games, etc (and yeah, boobs of course), that's why I wanted to check by myself, but no success then. Is it exactly the same way regarding the ST version? Sorry to ask, I'm just wondering why it doesn't work for me - the game says: ' The black hole cannot be opened'.

    Hope you don't mind

    1. Hello - I’ll reply properly tomorrow but it’s actually dead easy. I imagine it’s the star map part that’s failing tbh.

  4. Not 'dead easy' for me at least.. looks simple yeah, don't know what i'm doing wrong.
    It's ok, was just curious, it's not the ideal place to discuss about something that specific here (rather suit for 'quick comments'), I don't won't get you more busy actually.. So long, boobs hunter ;)