Friday, July 31, 2015

a 5 minute bonk!

Sometimes I just don't feel like spending several hours playing a life-sucking epic because, some days, I simply want a quick 5 or 10 minutes worth of fun. Who does? Well, lucky for me I found a game by Titan called Prehistorik.

Imagine if you had BAMM-BAMM from The Flintstones, added the psychotic desire to club cute prehistoric animals and then loot their food. This is Prehistorik and if you fancy a quickie, then why not load up this game and get clubbing dinos? Seriously, I jest a little because there's actually more to this game than clubbing animals for a few minutes. Prehistorik is a simple platformer but it sure is enjoyable!


 - Here is my video recording which obviously displays extreme gaming talent. Try not to be too jealous!
 - 8BitChip has released a hard drive installable version which is brilliant!
 - I've only ever found one map of the game and would love to find others. Please contact me!
 - AtariMania has Prehistorik in its ST database.
 - I bet you didn't know Prehistorik was written in STOS ?