Friday, July 31, 2015


Prehistorik is a cute platformer which takes us back to a time long ago when dinosaurs roamed. You are a caveman with a club - so imagine something like BAMM-BAMM from The Flintstones but a lot older and with a beard too! Now, add the psychotic desire to club cute prehistoric dinosaurs and you have the perfect game.

The object is to explore this prehistoric world looking for food which will mean daring to enter into an angry beast's cave! Lots of dinos are roaming the planet and some are huge requiring several hits. The visuals are pretty and cartoony with well-drawn backgrounds and each sprite looks absolutely gorgeous. The characters each have their own unique personality and wear some brilliant expressions too, especially when knocked unconscious.

Take a leap and club the green monster while his back is turned but watch out when near a cave entrance!!

Prehistorik is a no-frills platformer but don't let that put you off because it's tons of fun and stuffed with hilarious action. It's almost like a Jurassic version of Grand Theft Auto and clubbing cute animals will always be great fun. It's cute, it's violent and very addictive so wear your animal skins and play from either floppy or hard disk.

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