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Would You Adam and Eve it?

Rub your eyes all you want because I think it has been done! Yes, I have found a decent STOS game! That's right, STOS and it was released in 1991 by one of my favourite companies, Titus. Okay, I know they released a couple of dodgy games but there's just something about them that I like. Plus they released some corkers, like this platformer!

Prehistorik is nothing less than the cutest dino-platformer I have ever seen using cartoon-like visuals. We are taken back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the lush countryside. Of course, we play the part of a plucky young caveman wielding a big club. Imagine something like BAMM-BAMM from The Flintstones... but older... and with a beard! Now, add the psychotic desire to club cute prehistoric animals and you have the perfect entertainment. Very nice.

Fancy a selection of screenshots? Of course, you do so scroll on down...

Running leap onto a vicious dinosaur. Well, okay, hardly vicious and he is easy to knock out too!

Inside each cave are lots of things to nosh on.

Those angry yellow dudes are quick on the draw!

Clubbing animals is fun!

The object is to explore the prehistoric lands looking for food to feed your hungry family. This means we have a typical platformer to run & leap our way through a 16-bit Jurassic Park. Along the way are a variety of pitfalls and exciting places to discover: caves are always interesting as they offer goodies to consume along the way. But watch yourself because these caves aren't dark and creepy at all plus something cute and fluffy might be inside lol!

Each level has many different dinos roaming and some are huge thus requiring several hits from your trusty club. The end of each area features a massive boss to defeat. Sadly, these are intensely difficult without a cheat for extra lives. That's about the gist of it really, collect food, club animals to death, and find the exit.

The joystick controls are simple and perform very well. I love the freedom to move during the jumps and clubbing your prey is great fun and perfectly timed so you never feel too close or stuck in a tight corner. Considering this is STOS, I'm really impressed with the response and overall feel which makes exploring a bunch of fun.

I think this is possibly the best STOS game I've ever played? Let's celebrate that fact with some screenshots...

Did I mention there are secret hidden levels to find?

This guru dude appears now and then. Club him hard for a reward!

The boss levels are kinda lame and this one is the worst imho.

Big tips

  1. Explore everything. Look in every cave to collect all the goodies.
  2. See a guru-looking dude? Club him and steal whatever he's carrying.
  3. I found it best to enable auto-fire for a more frantic bashing experience!
  4. Cave critters only emerge when you're on the same level.
  5. Something doesn't look quite right? Maybe there's a secret level?
  6. 90s games are way too tough with never enough lives. Use a trainer!
  7. The bonuses are pretty lame and never last too long but, if you're lucky, you will find the odd gem (usually via the Guru) like an extra life and bigger jumps. But the others suck simply because they don't last long enough!!

Watch out when near a cave entrance, you never know what might emerge from the darkness!!

Crazylegs Crane's uncle has made an appearance!

Prehistorik is full of basic puzzles. How are we going to cross this lava?


The visuals are pretty and cartoony in style: the backgrounds are incredibly well-drawn and each dino sprite is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it's the characters that I love the most because they are so funny and feature their own unique personality and silly expressions - especially when knocked unconscious. I almost feel nasty clubbing them. Almost.

Music can be played throughout the game and reminds me of Where Time Stood Still. It's got that lovely chip feel with a style that completely complements the gameplay. Very nice and never overwhelming but, if you so desire, you can play without music. Pressing F2/F3 alternates between music and sound effects but music wins for me.

It looks and sounds great so what's my opinion? You better carry on scrolling to read that...

A platformer without ... platforms? Avoid the fish, always good advice!

Oh no, these are tough animals to kill and require multiple hits. Club 'em quick!

Check out that snowman. The artwork is always stunning.

The CryptO'pinion?

Prehistorik doesn't break the mould and some might turn their nose up for other platformers available on the Atari ST. However, stop right there because this might be a no-frills affair, but don't let that put you off. Prehistorik is really good, stuffed with hilarious moments, and extremely playable. The only thing I didn't like was the pointless timer.

It's almost like a Jurassic version of Grand Theft Auto as clubbing cute animals will always be satisfying. Not only that, but I think it's the best STOS game I've ever played! Yep, this game is cute, violent, and very addictive so I say play it. Just make sure you're wearing animal skins before deciding whether to download either the floppy or hard disk version!

Update: I've mapped the game with each level in high resolution - click here to view/download :)

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