Friday, July 31, 2015


Prehistorik is a cute platform that takes us back to a time long ago. Imagine if you had BAMM-BAMM from The Flintstones - but older and boasting a caveman's beard. Now add the psychotic desire to club cute prehistoric dinos and you have the perfect idea for a game. This is exactly what Titus has done and they offer us a great opportunity to club dinos and loot their caves for food - it's almost like a Jurassic version of Grand Theft Auto!

The visuals are pretty and cartoony with well-drawn gorgeous backgrounds. Each sprite looks absolutely superb with its own unique personality and some brilliant expressions, especially when knocked unconscious. In fact, it's this humour with the characters that I love and is probably one of the best features of any game. Prehistorik is a no-frills platformer that was developed in STOS, which is cool in ST history. Okay, it's not the best but it is tons of fun and stuffed with entertainment. Clubbing cute animals is great fun! Highly recommended.


 - 8BitChip has released a hard drive installable version which is simply brilliant.
 - I've only ever found one map of the game and would love to find more... Please help!

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