Thursday, September 17, 2015

App appreciation day

There are some programs that often don't get the credit nor respect that they so richly deserve. The ones that we use regular, they never let you down, and always get the job done time & time again. Yet, once their task is complete, they are TOSsed to one side with not so much care or a thank you. Do you know a downtrodden app? Shame on you!

Sadly, so do I and it's called FastCopy (Pro) by Martin Backchat. This is an iconic program on the Atari ST. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that didn't and doesn't use this little app. I think every ST owner has a copy of this on their computer and rightly so because it has several distinct features. Here are just a few which I like:

   1) A brilliant backup tool.
   2) Essential formatting options.
   3) Very smart formatting. Woo!
   4) Nifty virus prevention.
   5) Can run either as a PRG or an ACC.

I personally format all my disks with this app to make 'em all ready for the stuff that I've downloaded from off the internet. It never lets me down (touches wooden head). So, dear Fast Copy, I promise to start appreciating you more! Also, I send along my mega greetings to Mr Backschat for making this awesome Atari ST program! :-)

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