Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Son Shu-Shi

Son Shu Shi was released for the Atari ST by Expose back in 1991 and is a gorgeous platformer not unlike many others you've already played before and reminded me of Enchanted Lands. Gameplay is no slouch and helps to make it thoroughly entertaining with fast and frantic playability. So beautiful and very addictive. Now I  need "one more go". This is such an obscure game to write about because nobody appears to have the original floppy disks anymore. The images you can download off the internet will first appear fine but, because of an error on the cracked images, it will crash after a few levels. Such a massive shame because this is a brilliant platformer.

I hope somebody, somewhere, comes up with working floppy disks... I shall keep my fingers crossed!


 - 8BitChip has adapted this faulty game for hard drive installation and this is the best version available.
 - A thread was started on AtariAge by Peter Putnik for too many needed ST games.
 - AtariMania lists Son Shu-Shi within their ST database website.