Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Son Shu-Shi

Son Shu Shi was released for the Atari ST by Expose back in 1991 and is a gorgeous platformer not unlike many others you've already played. It reminds me of Enchanted Lands but it's far better with superbly balanced gameplay which is no slouch to help make it thoroughly entertaining with its fast and frantic styles. However, the files we can download off the internet are NOT complete. Sure, you can download and enjoy a quick game and everything will appear fine but, because of an error on the cracked images, it will crash after the first few levels.

We are hoping someone has an original copy of the game so we can make a copy to keep it safely secure. Son Shu Shi is a wonderful platformer and I hope somebody, somewhere, has working floppy disks... I shall keep my fingers crossed because this is such a beautiful and very addictive platformer. Please, contact us if you can help :-)


 - 8BitChip has adapted this faulty game for a hard drive and is the best game currently available.
 - There are floppy disk versions but these still suffer the same problem.
 - AtariMania lists Son Shu-Shi within their ST database website.

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