Saturday, September 05, 2015


Getting an Atari ST again after all these years is such a joy and I feel like a teenager all over again!! However, I now face the agony of how to get downloaded programs and games onto a floppy disk. This might be the most awesome 16Bit computer but it sadly has no ethernet, USB, WiFi... So I'm stuck!

Well, one option is ParCp-USB by Petr Stehlik. This is little device plugs into the ST's parallel port and features a Mini USB socket. Any standard USB cable can now connect your Atari computer to a Mac or PC. Of course, it comes with the required software for both computers so they can communicate. I have recorded a video, which you can view below, and this demonstrates copying the game Swiv from my Mac across onto my Atari ST. Now, the only caveat is the need for a hard drive on the Atari ST because writing directly to a floppy will sadly timeout. However, I don't own a hard drive, but I do have 4MB Ram! So, if you're also limited in this respect, then simply create a Ram Disk as I have done. There are lots out there to choose from and many have appeared on numerous ST Format cover disks - any will work a treat.

ParCP-USB is a great product and works incredibly well. It's best for those with a hard drive but worked perfectly well for me and my Ram Disk. This is a great way to get files from the internet onto your Atari computer!

PARCP running on my iMac in  (Mac on the left - Atari ST on the right)


PARCP-USB - all details you need to order this great piece of kit w/ the downloads.
Exxos - this fella has each and every ST Format cover disk to download.
Jay MSA - use this to convert Atari ST disk images (.st +.msa) back onto floppy disks.
MSA - a little information about .MSA files (Magic Shadow Archiver)
Terminal - a basic guide for people new to using a CLI on the Mac.
Atari-Forum - Petr started a PARCP thread here detailing program updates.


I would like to thank the following people for their help and recent advice:
Petr Stehlik ... Mark Bramley ... Karim ... Marc Johnson ... Tom Treff ... Dale Wright ... I appreciate you all :-)