Monday, September 14, 2015

Addicted To Fun - Rainbow Collection

This is a compilation released by Ocean Software called Addicted To Fun : Rainbow Collection which features three classic Taito games : NewZealand Story, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands. Now, I have already featured two of these games here at AtariCrypt but sadly I've never really "clicked" with Bubble Bobble.

So I figured I should make friends with this game and loaded it up. The first thing I noticed is the tune, it never stops! I didn't see anything in the manual that says how to turn it off but it actually becomes enjoyable bewitching!

The levels are all on the one screen and first appear humble in design, but somehow I get the feeling this is exactly how it's meant to be for maximum effect. There are a few monster cuties and you will need to blow a bubble and turn them into fruit.

"Spookily" very similar to Rainbow Islands and deceptively easy on the early levels but, later on, it gets pretty tough! Don't dare bump in any baddies or you'll loose a life and sometimes they even fire back at you. There are lots of power-ups and I got another shock on level 5 when water poured into the screen and washed me away! In all honesty, I do still prefer Rainbow Islands over Bubble Bobble but this is an excellent game. I loved it and it is also a fantastic arcade conversion for our Atari ST and I'm glad we're now friends. If you've never played it then I suggest you also end your ignorance! As I have.


 - 8BitChip has Bubble Bobble ready to be installed onto your hard drive!
 - But if you need a floppy disk image then look no further than Old Games Finder.
 - Fancy a couple of juicy tips. Of course, you do :
          -> Stand beside a wall, close enough to blow bubble that instantly pop, for extra points!
          -> When you lose your last life, hold down the fire button and you can continue playing.
 - StrategyWiki that has a helpful guide which explains the basics for us Bub/Bob noobs.
 - Here is a cool web page and it's easy to see that the Atari ST has the best version.

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