Friday, October 27, 2017


It's time for some more amazing 16-Bit #PixelArt with ImageWorks' 1988 hit Bombuzal. I remember seeing this in the magazines of the day and couldn't believe the cartoon-like quality of the main character within his colourful isometric world. He is an odd potato-shaped dude who performs a funny expression as the bombs are exploding - it's almost like he doesn't trust himself!! There are some big names associated with this game but is it any good?



This is actually a pretty simple puzzler which requires us to blow-up each levels collection of big red bombs. The screen contains a number of squares we can use to help calculate our best route through but watch out for a number of traps along the way. Like crumbling tiles which can be walked on only once before they disappear forever, so don't get yourself stranded. Other tiles might be too slippy to walk on whilst some can transport you to another location. Slotted tiles allow us to move selected bombs to a different location, usually to avoid being caught up in an explosive chain reaction. I like Bombuzal, it's a fun game to tax the old brain cells and it's got fantastic pixel art too!


 - Floppy disks can be downloaded using Old Games Finder.
 - Hard disk installable versions are available thanks to 8BitChip and Klaz.
 - I've recorded a video which shows my brain struggling but at least I made a Hi-Score!! Can you beat me?

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