Tuesday, October 24, 2017


A nasty virus has infected the automated machines on Mars so the robots have captured our scientists and are holding them captive. We have no anti-virus program at hand so it's our job to destroy any robots that get in the way and help lead the boffins to safety. Jump inside your spaceship and get ready to save the day once again!

Rebellion is a top-down shoot 'em up similar (ish) to a Gauntlet-like game you may have played. Each screen has a number of trapped hostages which are often located in different areas. Some are behind a forcefield which can be partially deactivated by disabling a section of its wall. You won't have long before a repair droid appears so don't dawdle! Others can be in locked rooms which require a key card a robot may reveal when killed. Every level has a minimum number of hostages to rescue within a set time. Miss this and the spaceship will leave without you!

Hmm, things don't sound too great... Sabotage... Mutiny... Rebellion? I wanna go home!!

Enemy robots have a range of different abilities: some are slow whereas others are much faster and another can even lay down explosive mines. Some have no projectile weapon but others are only too eager to turn you into a blood splatter! Also, watch out for gun turrets, trapdoors, and large tanks. Interestingly, when you do lose a life, the robots are paused for a few seconds thus giving you some extra time to whack 'em full of lead. Our machine gun can be upgraded with more power and a faster action - just try not to kill any humans in the crossfire! There are a variety of other power-ups to enhance shields, invincibility, a radar scrambler and even a supply extra lives.

I don't normally enjoy games that have me worrying about the safety of computer-controlled characters whilst being hunted by the foe. I panic too much and everyone usually ends up dead! However, Rebellion works very well even though the hostages are lame at following so will often get stuck behind a wall... I'm never too happy about time limits and this one seems to have a mind of its own and may prove troublesome on later levels?

As you can see, each level is swarming with enemies and folk to rescue. It's never easy!

Rebellion is quite a simple game at heart but it's been perfectly executed. I've really no, REALLY, enjoyed this shooter which I've found to be anxiously-entertaining. Each level has an intricate and interesting design with gameplay that is a progressive and addictive experience. It's fantastic to kill the baddies and trying to guide the scientists back to safety is a rush. Overall, I must say that this is one of the best games I've played in recent years. I loved it!!

Floppy disks can be found via Old Games Finder with a cool hard disk version by D-Bug.


  1. Looks pretty cool. At first sight it seemed a bit slow but I guess that the many sprites on screen did slow down the whole game.

    1. Honestly buddy, it's a really great game. It does feel slow at first but being faster wouldn't really work imho