Friday, October 13, 2017

Enduro Racer

Many already know that Peter Jørgensen is developing an Atari STe upgrade to one of our favourite racers and I'm very excited about it!! The current betas feature faster gameplay compared to the original conversion with extra on-screen colours and the horizon's landscape/clouds are driven using the Blitter Chip. Title music will be replaced with 5-channel (DMA) YMT based on the arcade scores. The in-game music is also to be replaced with 3-channel YMT because the DMA audio hardware will be used for the sound effects, again taken from the arcade.

The betas which I have been playing with are a fascinating insight into how the final product will be. Even at this early stage, it's much better than the original ST conversion (which I love). So, yes, I am very excited about this project!!

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