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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Floppy Image Runner

Image Runner, by Peter Putnik provides a fantastic way to boot your ST with a disk image in Ram - without the hassle of finding a real (and working) floppy! Yep, it's basically a software Gotek and works with most disk images (.ST and .MSA). Obviously, it has been designed for real Atari STs with >2MB Ram and a hard drive/Ultrasatan.

It's simple to use: firstly, assign either ST or MSA file types in GEM. Dead easy - just watch the video recording. Now you can double-click on any image file from your collection to load Image Runner - this copies it into Ram and reboots. Your ST will start up as if it has that disk physically inside its drive - powered by black magic!!

I must say Image Runner worked rather well and I enjoyed a good success rate on the whole. This program is a Godsend for us without a Gotek or CosmosEx and has certainly allowed me to enjoy Menu disks again! However, please remember that this is software so YMMV. Nobody can deny that this is genius so enjoy!!

The download contains PRGs for the different versions of TOS.
(I used "IMGRF162.PRG" for my Atari STe w/ Ultrasatan).


  1. I have been about to find a few images that work with 1MB and tos 1.02 also. It's good to to have the TOSEC archive of ST and STX images and try multiple versions of each game until you find one that works.