Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Floppy Image Runner (IMGRF2X)

Wait, don't damage the ST's case!!

Most Atari ST games are available on a floppy disk which has been converted into a disk image and downloadable off the Internet, be they legit or not. Nothing beats the sound & feel of using a real ST with its floppy disk chugging away. What an authentic way to spend an evening and there are thousands of games to choose from.

IMGRF2X is a program, developed by Peter Putnik and provides a great way to use these images - without the hassle of finding a real floppy disk. It's basically software CosmosEx/Gotek and works with most files: .ST and .MSA. Obviously, the requirements are raised beyond the stock 520ST because you need >2MB Ram. Also, a hard drive or UltraSatan is beneficial to store all your virtual floppies. Which is only obvious, right?

I don't think there are many Atari ST users these days struggling with only 512K RAM. Exactly, so read on...

But how is this possible?

It is very simple: firstly, assign either ST or MSA file types in GEM. Dead easy - just watch my video recording. Now you can double-click on any image from your collection to load Image Runner - this copies it into Ram and reboots. The ST will start up as if it has that disk physically inside its drive - powered by black magic!!

Sadly, GEM cannot assign more than one file type to any single program. To get around this limitation, just make a second copy of "IMGRF2X.PRG" and rename it to something similar. Now you can assign both types of disk images to each of these two programs for instant access to your collection of downloaded floppy images!

Or manually edit the Desktop.Inf file using a text editor like Everest or similar. Easy peasy!

The CryptO'pinion?

I must say Image Runner worked rather well and I enjoyed a good success rate on the whole. This program is a Godsend for us without a Gotek or CosmosEx and has certainly allowed me to enjoy Menu disks again! However, please remember that this is software so YMMV. Nobody can deny that this is genius so enjoy!!

I think you will all appreciate this program as the results are often positive. I love it and hope Peter continues working on this. Okay, there are two downloads on his website for IMGRF2X (which includes an easy-to-use option). Watch the video!!

Let me know in the comments below what you think and what worked. Above all, enjoy yourself :)


  1. I have been about to find a few images that work with 1MB and tos 1.02 also. It's good to to have the TOSEC archive of ST and STX images and try multiple versions of each game until you find one that works.