Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Golden Dawn Mod Disk #14

I've been looking for a menu disk that offers something a little different from the norm. By pure luck, I was talking to STompy who told me about an old disk of his which he made for The Golden Dawn group. The intro is a humorous hack of Cannon Fodder that shows ST soldiers graffiti the Amiga HQ before it escalates into a war. What a superb intro and one which nicely represents tensions between ST and Amiga users back in the day (and to this day!)

This mod disk is obviously stuffed with tunes and they support various addon hardware gizmos for playback, which also includes DMA stereo for the Atari STe. My thanks to STompy and I hope he gets back to coding one day to make more great software. Download via Demozoo and also check our Menu CD section for more fantaSTic disks.