Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Floppy Image Runner

Image Runner was developed by Peter Putnik for Atari ST/e computers with a hard drive and 2/4MB Ram and allows the use of virtual floppy images (.ST / .MSA) to be used without the bother of actually creating a real disk. Think of it as having a virtual Gotek drive - but without destroying your ST's case. This is so easy to use: copy the disk images onto your hard drive and then configure GEM to use the Image Runner as an installed application for either file type. Double click to load a disk image into Ram and it will act just as if you had a disk in the drive.

I must say Image Runner works rather well for hard drive users without a Gotek or CosmosEx. It certainly allowed me to start enjoying Menu disks again! However, it is software so the success rate will vary depending on what you are working with - many disk images worked fine but sadly many also failed in some manner. In the demonstration video, I get success and also nothing but a black screen for the last game! So, prepare thyself because YMMV.

The download contains separate programs depending on your version of TOS (I used "IMGRF162.PRG" for my 4MB Atari STe w/ Ultrasatan). Give Image Runner a playtest whilst saving up the pennies for the hardware options.


  1. I have been about to find a few images that work with 1MB and tos 1.02 also. It's good to to have the TOSEC archive of ST and STX images and try multiple versions of each game until you find one that works.