Monday, May 21, 2018


It's time for some more box art and today we have the beautiful starglider itself, Interphase by Image Works. Now, IIRC this was given away for free on a cover disk so just about every ST guy had a copy. However, I've never actually "owned" it, so I was extremely excited to finally get it boxed with complete contents and in great condition too!!

Tonight's gaming is going to be gouraud-tastic using the fastest framerate seen on any 16-Bit computer. Yep... And if you fancy yourself a multi-level polygon blast then download the floppy or install it to your hard disk. Enjoy!!

Ya can't beat that Fine Young Cannibals sample before the weird tunnel sequence begins.

The graphics are fast and smooth with some unique polygons - like the unicycling frog!! O_o

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