Monday, May 18, 2015

Elvira - The Arcade Game

Elvira has graced the best 16-bit computer with two wonderful adventure games but there is also a little known third title where we get to play as the Mistress herself in a platformer very reminiscent of another famous Atari ST title by the Bitmap Brothers… Hmm anyhow, you first need to decide which of the two worlds to play: Underworld Of Fire or Arctic Earth and each offers their own monster-infested theme and are also absolutely huge. Once completed, you can begin the third and final world, Castle Of Transylvania (sadly, I've yet to reach this stage... lol!).

The levels are indeed massive and littered with all kinds of monsters constantly wanting to feed on your sexy body! However, because the worlds are so huge, progress can be quite the crusade due to a lack of checkpoints. Controls are a little slow but responsive with a majestic jumping action flaunted by Elvira. In fact, her movements and weaponry feel as familiar as the graphical pizazz is impressive. This is all because Flair Software has brilliantly used the Blitter to produce smooth parallax scrolling - the glam aesthetics are gorgeous. They had to be!

I wish the levels weren't quite so massive and her movements could be a little quicker but, if you can ignore the shameful Godly attributes, then I think you will enjoy playing dress up as The Mistress Of The Dark. Yup, I liked this game a lot. An engrossing escapade that offers a fistful of action to keep you entertained for many hours.


 - 8BitChip have a hard disk installable game with the floppies available via Old Games Finder.
 - A marvellous picture of Elvira! ;o)
 - You will need level maps and these are fantastic:
          > Underworld of Fire
          > Arctic Earth
          > Castle of Transilvania

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