Monday, May 18, 2015

Elvira - The Arcade Game

Elvira has graced the best 16-bitter twice already with two wonderful adventure games. But there is also a little known third title where we get to play as the Mistress herself in a platformer very reminiscent of another famous Atari ST title by the Bitmap Brothers… Hmm anyhow, you first need to decide which of the two worlds to play: Underworld Of Fire or Arctic Earth. Each offers their own monster-infested theme and are absolutely huge. Once completed, you can begin the third and final world, Castle Of Transylvania (sadly, I've yet to reach this stage... lol!).

The levels are indeed massive and littered with all kinds of monsters that are constantly wanting to feed on you so it's tons of fun killing them! However, because the worlds are so huge, progress can be quite the crusade due to a lack of checkpoints. Controls are excellent and responsive with one impressive, majestic jumping action flaunted by Elvira. Movement and weapons feel very familiar and perform with so much impressive graphical pizazz if little originality…

Flair Software makes good use of the Blitter to produce smooth parallax scrolling, which is impressive and I sure adore all the glam aesthetics. I wish it played a little quicker and if you can ignore the Godly attributes it so shamelessly steals then I think that you will enjoy playing dress up as The Mistress Of The Dark.

I liked this a lot. It's an engrossing escapade offering a fistful of action to keep you entertained for many hours.


 - 8BitChip have an awesome hard drive installable version. Go for this if you have the h/w!
 - All floppy disk images are available via Old Games Finder.
 - I just had to record a video, sadly I don't think I'll never get to Transilvania...
 - What a marvellous pic of Elvira! ;o)
 - Maps? Do you want level maps? Okay then, here ya' go ... Enjoy :
          > Underworld of Fire
          > Arctic Earth
          > Castle of Transilvania