Wednesday, May 06, 2015

YM Bleep Blop SID

Here is a fantastic music disk for the Atari STFM / STe, Do Things by Cream. It works on both machines but the colours are better on the Atari STe plus the tunes are stereo! On this disk are some fantastic #chiptunes by Tao, a talented musician I admire. Wonderful tunnels effects that lead you into the main music selector screen. Here we have a long list of awesome chiptunes to enjoy - and then - it then gets even better. Whilst the music plays, press the space bar and it takes you into a cartoon strip featuring artwork which is jaw dropping. Some of the best images I've ever seen on the Atari STe. What a production - Cream have done it again!

All the Creamy credits go to :
Abyss - Code | Agent T - Graphics | Candyman - Code, Music (Endpart) | Tao - Music

Atari STe demos playlist ( link )  |  Atari chiptune playlist ( link)