Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Do Things [Cream]

Here is a fantastic music disk for the Atari ST and STe, Do Things by Cream. Yes, it works on both machines but the colours are better on the Atari STe plus the tunes are in stereo. The disk features some fantastic #chiptunes by Tao, a talented musician I really admire. It has a wonderful tunnel effect which leads you into the main music screen where you'll find a huge list chiptunes to enjoy. But the fun doesn't stop there - press the spacebar and you're taken into an incredible comic strip. The artwork is legendary and most certainly some of the best I have seen on any retro computer, ever. What a brilliant production, Cream have done it again. Download this now!!

All the Creamy credits go to this bunch of talented folk :
Abyss - Code | Agent T - Graphics | Candyman - Code, Music (End part) | Tao - Music

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