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Joust is a cracking game either solo or with a mate and all you need is medieval chainmail and a flying ostrich. I also think this is one of those titles that everyone loves so I figured that I should record a video demonstrating various conversions - which includes Winglord, an awesome alternative (best experienced using the Atari STe).

Note: I used OpenEmu to emulate the Atari 2600/5200/7800 and Hatari for the Atari ST/e computers. My recording is probably better viewed directly on YouTube as each section is linked within the description. Happy jousting!!

- A T A R I  2 6 0 0 -

Okay, first up is the Atari 2600 which I'm saddened to report I didn't enjoy that much. I don't know what it was, but I just didn't click with this... Something just didn't feel right with the controls so I never felt comfortable playing it. Perhaps it's just me as I know many love it and the old console does it's flickery best I'm sure. I will say that the sound effects are raspy and I loved that but ultimately I came away feeling cold. Not one I'll play again.


- A T A R I  5 2 0 0 -

The Atari 5200 never seems to disappoint and it's delivered the goods once again with a fascinating conversion. The graphics aren't the best but I liked the sound effects and this isn't really a game with much variety in the audio department... Gameplay is balanced with dandy controls that feel perfect. Best console version? I think so.


- A T A R I  7 8 0 0 -

Next up is the obscure Atari 7800 and what a tough game this brought to the game table. It looks, sounds and plays well but boy is it a hard nut to crack. Like the 5200, I found the controls perfect even if I failed to progress that well. Watch the video for a hilarious end to my game - I think this sums up my luck rather well with this conversion.


- A T A R I  S T -

Onto the glorious Atari ST and the boys did a fantastic job. After the peculiar title screen, we're greeted with detailed sprites and their lovely animations. This sure looks the part and the gameplay is spot-on perfect thanks to the gorgeous control mechanics. I had the most fun with this game and cannot recommend it enough!! Perfect.

Floppy disks can be found using Old Games Finder but install Joust to your hard drive if possible.


- A T A R I  S T e -

Finally, I wanted to include Winglord by Victor Bruhn as it's possibly something that many have missed? It works on both computers but is best on the Atari STe thanks to Blitted graphics and lots of funky DMA sounds. There are a number of changes, like unicorns and yellow jackets but I think everybody should download this clone because it's an excellent alternative. I love how the unicorn struts its stuff when walking... Oh, did I mention we have missiles :D


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