Friday, August 07, 2015


Here we have a platform game called Carlos or Les Adventures de Carlos which was released in 1994 by Microids. It's a colourful game with very beautiful graphics and you control a big, beardy fat man wearing an odd costume! Typically the levels are littered with baddies of various sorts however you have no gun so you must use your enormous weight and squish them! You can even use some of that blubber when falling great heights to create a miniature earthquake thus killing anything nearby. Whatever works, right?

Curiously, your best friend appears to be a parrot and he helps you out with the flying nasties, but he's a little slow so don't expect much! Carlos is a typical platform game & the usual rules apply: walk, jump, kill the baddies, find keys and escape to the next level. However, it's often difficult to know what you're doing and why so I found myself aimlessly wandering not know where to go. To look at, the graphics are stunning and the sounds aren't too bad either. However, Carlos is a scrolling nightmare, because there is none! Sure, not all platformers suit scrolling but this game definitely needs it so is absolute agony to play. Overall, the Atari ST has far better platformers and Carlos feels tiresome and will soon irritate.

Level skipping cheat codes

Level 2 - BONGO
Level 3 - GALET
Level 4 - PATAU
Level 5 - SIRTA