Friday, August 07, 2015


Les Adventures de Carlos was released in 1994 by Microids. You are in control of a bearded fat man wearing a rather odd costume and your best friend appears to be a parrot who helps you out with any flying nasties. However, he's a little slow so don't expect too much from him! Each level is stuffed with lots of baddies, however, you have no gun and need to use your enormous weight to squish everyone! You can even use some of that blubber when falling great heights, this creates a miniature earthquake thus killing anything nearby. Whatever works, right?

This is such a colourful game with very beautiful sprites but there is no scrolling and I fear this is a rushed Amiga port. Of course, not every platformer needs scrolling but this does so it's such a shame because it makes it a LOT harder to play. Overall, the Atari ST has far better platformers and Carlos feels tiresome and will soon irritate!


 - I do not recommend Carlos but masochists can download it for both floppy and hard drive.
 - Here are some level codes: Level 2 = BONGO / Level 3 = GALET / Level 4 = PATAU / Level 5 = SIRTA