Monday, August 10, 2015

Lotus Turbo Challenge II

If there was one game that I always enjoyed on my old Atari ST, it was Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge. The semi-realistic physics helped to make it utterly addictive without ever crossing over into boring old simulator land. It has such amazing graphics, almost an arcade-like quality, with fun gameplay that was both exciting and challenging.

Vroom!! The roads are absolutely superb and certainly offer a thrilling challenge!

Lotus 2 is quite different from the original in a number of ways. Firstly, you will notice that you have the entire screen to drool over the graphics and you aren't racing a number of laps around a typical circuit because we now have checkpoints to beat as we road trip across the American continent. Also, there are weather conditions to endure which crudely add an element of pseudo-realism - even if the other drivers fail to use their headlights at night...

Other racers balance the gameplay without ruining the experience - and don't use their lights!

I also think they captured the feeling of speed incredibly well - almost Vroom standards - with extreme velocities. Strangely, our car appears to be running on fairy dust because there is never a need to refuel this sexy Esprit or Elan soft top. Which is good, who needs that kinda realism? These differences certainly help Lotus II leap away from the original and into a whole new driving experience whilst remaining familiar to the original in many respects.

Lotus II is an incredible Bullrun and zooms high into my Top 10 of Atari ST racers. I cannot recommend this belting racer enough so grab the floppy or hard disk installable game right now. I absolutely love this speedster!!

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